Beetle louvres


I offer louvre (rear window shutter, blinds, jalousie, katzentreppe – it has different names) for classic Volkswagen Beetle.

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IMPORTANT: since december 2020 we made new project of louvres for Beetle, and now it doesn’t have central flat bar, and both models for 40 and 44cm window height have only 4 wings.

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The louvre costs 250 euro + shipping (40€ in Europe, 50€ outside Europe)

It is made of metal, then galvanized and powder coated on black fine structure (black is the only possible color we paint) to prevent rust.


Unlike other available products on the market, our shutter does not block the air flow to the engine because it has cutouts in the wings (viev from above)


ASSEMBLY (you do not need any screws or glue, you do not have to drill any holes, a second person would be usefull, but it’s not necessary):

If video doesn’t work here’s „how to install” with photos:

1) clean surface between glass and gasket on both sides of the window and in the middle top


2) to make assembly easier, gently pry off the seal and spray it with silicone oil or penetrating oil


3) (NEW MODEL OF LOUVRES DOESN’T HAVE THAT ELEMENT SO SKIP TO NUMBER 4) put louvres on rear window and slide the top lip of louvre under the gasket

top1 top2

4) squeeze the louvres and slide sides lips under the gasket. You will probably need to pry the seal in some places so that it snaps onto the blind, use a plastic tool or a metal one with no sharp edges to avoid damaging the seals or paints.

boki1 boki2 boki3 boki4

5) set the blind straight on the glass and it’s ready. You can still use double-sided adhesive tape to glue the central flat bar to the glass, but this is not necessary, the shutter, when straightened, acts as a spring and pushes itself under the seals so it does not fall out.

beeltlelouvres25 beeltlelouvres32 beeltlelouvres31 beeltlelouvres62

VISIBILITY TO THE REAR: There is no problem with it.


IMPORTANT – REAR WINDOW DIMENSIONS: we offer louvres for two sizes of the rear window from the last production periods, (40 cm of rear window height for models made to 1972 and 44 cm rear window height for later models (except Mex after 1978). Earlier our louvres for 40cm glass had 4 wings, louvres for 44cm glass had 5 wings, since december 2020 we changed that project, and both types has 4 wings and doesn’t have central flat bar. But it is still important to measure window height before order. The price is the same for both types. They cannot be exchanged because they will NOT fit, so check your glass dimensions before ordering.



by paypal or bank transfer. When I receive the money  I will send Your parcel and will give You link to tracking. Parcel  in europe usually travels to the destination for one to three weeks.



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