Scirocco 2 louvres


I offer louvres (rear window shutter, blinds, jalousie, katzentreppe – it has different names) for Scirocco mk2.

sciroccolouvre1 sciroccolouvre2

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The louvres costs 300 euro + shipping

Shipping costs:

- 40 euro in europe

- 70 euro to Canada/Mexico

- 200 euro shipping to USA


It is made of metal, then galvanized and powder coated to prevent rust.

IMG_9873 IMG_9871


The color is black mat/fine structure. It’s the only color I paint, I tried other colors but it looks the best in it.

IMG_9883 IMG_9890

ASSEMBLY (you do not need any screws or glue, you do not have to drill any holes):

1) remove rear spoiler (thats easy, 10 x 6 mm bolts, 5 each side, then remove spoiler)

2) mount louvre

3) put back rear spoiler

In order to mount the louvre, rear spoiler must be removed. The side flat parts of the louvre are slip under the rear window gasket. Personally, I additionally used a double-sided tape on the central flat part of the blind to stick it to the glass, but it is not necessary, just prevents possible ringing on the glass . You can do what You want with it. At the end, we put back the spoiler, it holds louvre in place, there is no chance that it will fall out.

20180704_151735 20180704_153122

„HOW TO INSTALL” VIDEO: I made a video with instructions on how to install a louvre on Scirocco

VISIBILITY TO THE REAR: There is no problem with it.

 zaluzjawn3 zalinne4m

IMPORTANT: if you want to use my louvre and you have rear window wiper then you have to dismantle it, and plug the hole in window. I personally used universal, plastic plug and original gasket.

wiper1 wiper3

IMPORTANT FOR „SMALL” SPOILER OWNERS: if you do not have a „large” spoiler (GT II type as in the pictures at the beginning of this website) , but one of the earlier „small” models (like on pictures below) – inform me about this before the order, because louvre for the small spoilers are slightly different.

smallspoiler2 smallspoiler

This is what it looks like on a car with short spoiler”

krotki3 krotki2 krotki1

WARNING: I know that sometimes similar louvres appear on the market, also made from steel and are slightly cheaper. I warn you that this is not my product, they are simply painted with ordinary paint and after the first rain or washing the louvre will start to rust. There is no chance of getting the usual paint to all nooks and crannies that water will get into, which is why I immerse galvanize it and powder paint.



by paypal or bank transfer. When I receive the money  I will send Your parcel and will give You link to tracking. Parcel  in europe usually travels to the destination for one to three weeks.



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